Drug-sniffing dog dies of nose cancer, possibly caused by cocaine

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    After seven years of sniffing out high-grade narcotics, Max the drug-sniffing dog is Britain’s first known victim of the canine cancer, according to Telegraph.co.uk.
    There is no word on what caused Max’s nose cancer to develop, but his handler and a vet think it might have been a hazard of the job.
    "It is ironic; the wonderful organ that made him successful in his work has been his demise,” Inspector Anne Higgins said. “He has had a good life and a successful one as a police dog. Just think of all the bad people he managed to put away."
    The 9-year-old springer spaniel had to retire from the force last year because of arthritis in his back legs.
    Max was put down on Sunday.



    – Sonya Eskridge
    Photo courtesy Metro.co.uk


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