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    Your weekly hair ritual probably goes something like this: Wash, condition, style, right? But if you have dry hair (which can be murdered by many of the sulfates in traditional shampoos) or are concerned with plastics effecting the environment, consider one of the many shampoo alternatives. 

    Co-washing: Or conditioner-washing. Use your favorite, cheap conditioner (this isn’t the time to use the high-dollar stuff!) as a shampoo. Conditioners do contain cleansing agents and are much less harsh on your hair than traditional ‘poos that strip the hair of moisture and can promote tangles.





    Herb rinses: This is sort of like feeding tea to your locks! Herbs are said to cleanse and add shine to tired hair. Here are instructions for trying this.






    Vinegar rinses: Pee-Yew! Vinegar has a nauseatingly astringent smell, but it acts very much like a clarifying shampoo. Many vinegar rinse converts swear that it removes product buildup from the hair and scalp, and it can help promote shiny, split-end-free hair. Try this recipe to get started with apple cider vinegar.





    Baking soda
    : We haven’t actually tried this, but some extremely eco-conscious folks out there are using good ole baking soda to wash their tresses. gives more instruction on how to do this.







    –Whitney Teal

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