Isaiah Washington facing eviction

    It looks like Dr. Burke might be searching for a new operating room soon.

    Former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washing and his wife, Jenisa, have been given an eviction notice on their home in Venice, California because they allegedly owe $100,000 in rent, E! Online reports. They’ve been leasing the $3.65 million home from Sandalwood Properties since last April.

    Sandalwood filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, claiming the couple hadn’t paid their $20,000 monthly rent since November. Now, Isaiah and Jenisa have until March 28 to pay up.

    "If tenants fail to pay the above rent or to quit possession of the premises within three days after the date of service of a copy of this notice, legal proceedings will be instituted for possession of the premises, and for such other damages as may be allowed by law," stated the notice, which was posted to their front door last Thursday.

    Sandalwood is also seeking $3,333 in attorneys fees and damages per day for every day that Isaiah and Jenisa stay in their home after April 1.

    Hopefully he can use the check from his upcoming film, Hurricane Season, to pay the rent.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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