Lil’ Kim visits ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’

    Lil’ Kim took a break from the dance floor to visit “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” earlier this week; he asked her about her issues with


    Notorious and all the personal drama it brought up for her.
    We know that Kim wasn’t exactly happy about how the movie portrayed her and the relationship she had with the Notorious B.I.G.  She said that the Notorious clips she’d seen just weren’t true-to-life.
    “This is my dispute with this [Notorious]: How could you write a movie about somebody’s life and you don’t even talk to the man,” Kim told Big Boy.  “There were certain things that we did intimately that no one would ever know except for me and him.”
    Kim also blamed Naturi Naughton, the actress who played the pint-sized rapper, for not coming to her and asking how to accurately portray her.
    After Notorious was released, the Queen Bee had no problem voicing her displeasure with the movie.  When Volleta Wallace (Biggie’s mom) heard Kim’s criticisms, the two had a little beef over how the movie depicted her role in B.IG.’s life.
    “She’s a very sick lady. …I’m really going to address this issue, once and for all, and I’m going to get detailed about it very soon,” Kim said, hinting that she might be coming out with a biopic of her own in the near future.
    Kim also sounded off about Lil’ Cease during the interview, and told Big Boy what she did for Biggie’s kids after his passing.





    – Sonya Eskridge




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