My, oh, Mio!

    We’re convinced that green will be the buzzword of this century, so everyone better get used to it. But who (besides us) has noticed how ridiculously expensive environmentally-conscious stuff tends to be? Enter Mio for Target.

    Mio, a brand of green home products, is partnering with Target to introduce a collection of eco-friendly, sustainable products that everyone can afford.

    All eight products in the collection are made from recycled and renewable sources, Target said in a press release. The products are only for outdoor use and include a watering can, cultivator, weeder, mini herb garden, solar lights, hammock and composter; prices range from $6.99 to $99.99. The goods hit shelves April 12.

    "We encourage our customers to grow greener, healthier and happier in their everyday lives," said Jaime Salm, one-half of Mio’s founding fathers. "Through our partnership with Target, our designs are available to a larger audience, making it easy for anyone to live green and live well."


    –Whitney Teal

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