Sasha Fierce’s tour costumes revealed

    We’re still on the fence about which personality is our favorite: Beyoncé or Sasha Fierce? But we’re certain both will be present during the upcoming "I AM…" world tour. Images have leaked of designer Thierry Mugler’s sketches for Bey’s tour. Here are a few:

    Only one word can describe those get-ups: Fierce!

    According to Thierry, his designs are inspired by Mrs. Carter’s songs, which he says are "Feminine. Free. Warrior. Fierce," reports New York magazine.

    The metal glove Be-Yeezy couldn’t give up while promoting her third album will make an appearance, in both silver and gold (see above). Thierry also had something to say about that. He told Women’s Wear Daily "It imagines Beyoncé as a tough, chic, superheroine type who likes power glam with a bit of froth; hence, the bow bustle and mismatched gloves that pair lacy fishnet with articulated metal." He put waaaay too much thought into that.

    According to Beyoncé’s official website, the tour begins in Canada this month before moving south to Seattle. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

    — Whitney Teal

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