Solé says she didn’t leave Ginuwine over LisaRaye rumors

    S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown talked to former rap artist Solé recently. Rumors had it that Solé, who goes by Tonya now, had packed her bags and kids and left her husband of five years, Ginuwine. This was her alleged reaction to reports that Ginuwine had been seen kissing LisaRaye at a restaurant, then seen with her at a hotel the next day.

    Solé told Jamie that reports about her reaction to the rumor were way off base. "I was like, that’s funny. First of all, I’m not packing up no four kids and disrupting their lives in the middle of the school year, I don’t care what he did. That’s just foolish," Solé laughed. "But they were reporting this like they had seen me out here packing up my bags."

    Solé heard about the LisaRaye rumor through a friend of the family. "I believed it wasn’t true from the beginning," Sole said. "My being upset about it was just the fact that it caught me so off guard." She said she never believed the rumor because it smelled like a publicity stunt. But that didn’t keep Ginuwine out of the dog house. 

    Why didn’t he tell Sole that LisaRaye was starring in his new video in the first place? Then when he heard about the rumor why didn’t Ginuwine warn her that it might hit the news? 

    Listen to Solé tell Jamie how she really responded to the rumor.

     "I don’t know if he was thinking, ‘It’s not true so I’m not even going to say nothing, because she probably won’t even hear it.’ Because I’m so removed from the industry that it would just blow over and not be a big deal." Sole admits that she doesn’t listen to the radio or surf the Web for anything that isn’t work related. So she probably wouldn’t have heard about the Internet rumor.

    But the news hit the radio and Solé started getting calls from friends who heard that she was leaving her husband. Even their kids were confronted with the rumors at school. For the record, the couple is fine. They’ve given their kids a heads up to ignore rumors they may hear about Dad. They also developed a game plan for handling issues like this in the future.


    — Sabrina M. Parker


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