Chris Brown to get on Oprah’s couch?

    Chris Brown may be thinking about taking a seat on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.

    magazine reports that Rihanna asked Chris to go on “Oprah” and apologize for their alleged February 8 fight, according to

    Oprah already taped a show dedicated to “all the Rihannas of the world” earlier this month, and she’d even asked Rihanna to appear on the show herself for the episode.

    "Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back,” said one Look source. “She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together."

    This news comes just one week before Chris will appear in a Los Angeles County Court to be arraigned on felony charges of assault and making criminal threats. The charges stem from the alleged fight with Rihanna.

    The appearance could contribute to the damage control for Chris’ career.

    Rihanna hasn’t got to be concerned about saving her career; in fact, “Disturbia” has just gone triple platinum, reports. The Recording Industry Association of America had just certified the single as a double platinum track last December, meaning that RiRi sold at at least a million copies of the song since then.

    This is the third multi-platinum single from Good Girl Gone Bad, and a follow-up to the album should be released later this year.

    E! Online reports that pictures of Rihanna’s injuries following her alleged brawl with Chris have resurfaced as art. However, pop artist Sham Ibrahim didn’t rehash the graphic pictures to make a statement about domestic violence.

    "I thought the bruises in the police photo were interesting shapes to draw. …And it was cool to color them pink and blue. Those are two of my favorite colors,” he told E! . “There is no message to any of my art. It’s meant to look cool hanging on your wall and that’s it! I’m not into deep meanings."

    The print is posted in World of Wonder’s Storefront Gallery.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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