Eat in-season this spring

    In-season produce tastes better and is better for you than the out-of-season variety. Here are some recipes to help you get your fix of spring food.


    Spring produce: Asparagus. This pungent crop can often get a bad rep because of it’s unique flavor. Try the folic acid-packed green again as part of a delicious risotto.

    Try it tonight: Asparagus Risotto



    Spring produce: Radishes. Normally relegated to side dish status, take this exciting, vitamin-rich veggie into the entrée category.

    Try it tonight: Hoisin Chicken and Radish Stir-Fry





    Spring produce: Rhubarb. A colorful, fun vegetable to cook with, rhubarbs are most delicious in the spring.

    Try it tonight: Sautéed Salmon with Rhubarb Marmalade




    Spring produce: Avocados. If you like butter, you’ll love avocados. Perfectly flavored during spring, try this soft, savory fruit today!

    Try it tonight: Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls




    Other, in-season produce to experiment with this spring: strawberries, spinach, apricots, flava beans, mangoes and carrots.


    –Whitney Teal

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