Michael Steele is “done” with Obama

    Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele ain’t trying to hear it.

    Michael told CNN over the weekend that he is “done” trying to reach out to President Barack Obama. It seems as though he might have been brushed off by Barack one too many times, but Michael’s not bitter.

    Michael said that although he likes Barack as a person, he thinks the feeling may not be mutual and said “[Barack] has got a little thing about me that I haven’t quite figured out.”

    The RNC Chairman also thinks that the president isn’t exactly trying too hard to cross the aisle.  He immediately squashed thoughts that he may be jealous of Barack for running the country. 

    “What would I be jealous of?" Michael asked. "I’m chairman of the RNC, so, what’s your point? We both have leadership responsibilities and roles. I’m not equating the two.”

    However, he told CNN that he’d think about running for president if God lets him know when to do it.

    — Sonya Eskridge


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