Andre 3000 arrested for speeding

    Maybe Andre 3000 should have eased up off the gas.

    Police caught the rapper going 109 mph on I-75 in Henry County, Georgia during the wee hours of March 21, WSB-TV reports.  That’s more than 40 miles over the speed limit for the highway.
    "Traveling that fast along I-75, you’re passing vehicles almost like they’re standing still. And it’s an accident waiting to happen,” Henry Country Police Capt. Jason Bolton told WSB-TV.
    Cops arrested Dre after they saw him tearing down the road in his Porsche Carrera. He claimed that he was speeding because he just missed an exit and had to turn around.  
    But where was he going in a such a hurry? "He may have indicated that he was headed to a birthday party,” said Jason.
    Andre is free on $1,200 bond for now, but he’s due back in court on April 29.



    –Sonya Eskridge



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