‘Dancing With the Stars’: March 30 recap

    In case you missed “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday night, we’ve got a quick recap on some of our faves.

    David Alan Grier started off Monday’s competition with the Lindy Hop, which is a super-energetic dance with lots of stunts. Last week, he wowed the judges (and the audience) with his Fox Trot, so the bar was pretty high this time around.

    We were a bit concerned while watching his practice footage because David seemed to have a hard time doing a few of the lifts and other tricks.

    “You have to look like you’re having fun and not lifting a ton of pig iron,” David said during a rehearsal break.

    His partner thought it might be a good idea to let him see what some experienced Lindy Hoppers could do, so she took him out to a dance. That seemed to be just the boost DAG needed, because he got on the floor Monday night with a whole new energy.

    With the exception of a few snags, Dave did pretty well. The comedian was hopping all over the floor, and he even managed to pull off a few tricks of his own. Who knew he could do a cartwheel like that?!

    The judges agreed that it was a good performance, but that he lost a bit of the footwork during the routine. However, judge Carrie Ann Inaba gave him props for keeping the energy up throughout the dance.

    DAG scored 22 out of a possible 30.

    Next up was the Bionic Booty herself, Lil’ Kim, dancing an Argentine Tango. It’s a seriously seductive dance, just like the regular Tango. The only difference that we noticed between the two was that you have to look angry and there are a lot of fluttery kicks.

    The challenge for Kim and her partner, Derek Hough, was twofold: They had to concentrate on not smiling, and Derek wasn’t familiar with the dance. This meant that Derek was learning right along with Kim, but he had to choreograph a routine.

    “The Argentine Tango was an uphill battle, but we put a lot of work into this dance,” Kim said during practice.

    That work paid off when the couple took a spin around the dance floor. Our girl had the Argentine Tango on lock with her impressive extensions, sharp kicks, tight turns and dramatic drops. For someone who was struggling during practice, we couldn’t tell!

    Derek didn’t do too bad either, considering he’d just learned how to do the dance. We’re pretty sure that Monday night’s routine was the manliest we’ve ever seen him.

    Their routine got a standing ovation and near-unanimous praise from the judges.  

    “That was more than a tango,” exclaimed judge Bruno Tonioli. “That was the tale of a fatal beauty, enticing strangers with the promise of forbidden pleasure!”

    “Those lines were just sinuous and beautiful and long,” Carrie Ann co-signed. “You looked four inches taller out there!”

    Although Carrie Ann and Bruno agreed that Kim and Derek’s Argentine Tango was hot, Judge Len Goodman said that he just wasn’t feeling the heat. That critique caused a mini argument amongst the judges.

    Despite the small spat, the Queen Bee and her partner waltzed off with a score of 27 out of a possible 30. Bruno gave them a 10, which was their first of the season.

    Football player Lawrence Taylor also had to dance the Argentine Tango.  While he should have been thinking about the steps, there was a more important question on his mind.

    “I’ll still be married after this dance right?” he asked his partner, Edyta Sliwinska.  We’re sure he’s got nothing to worry about.
    There were some tense moments during practice, as Edyta seemed to be getting irritated with the fact that Lawrence was watching his feet as he learned the dance. Finally, she brought in “a man” to show Lawrence how to do the Argentine Tango without looking down. We don’t want to start any trouble, but we think that might have been a dig at the baller.

    When it came time to perform, the dance didn’t really seem to require much of him. The judges weren’t impressed with moves, giving him a score of 19. Bruno and Len agreed that although he had the right mood for the dance, his steps were really heavy.  Carrie Ann felt that he was a little reserved.

    “You look like you were a little afraid of Edyta’s sensuality,” she told Lawrence.

    Will he survive to step it up next week like we know he can? We’ll find out during tonight’s double elimination. The episode will also feature a performance by Boys II Men.

    Be sure to tune in tonight to see who stays to dance another day when “Dancing With the Stars” airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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