Sodium-free delight

    Keep your daily sodium intake at no more than 1,500 mg, was the message from yesterday’s story about America’s salt addiction. Today, we found some delicious-looking recipes that go easy on the deadly white stuff.


    Pistachio-Crusted Tuna Steaks: Steaks were probably one of the first things to go if you decided to pursue a heart healthy diet. But this dish swaps out the heart-hating beef steak with nutrition-rich tuna. Lots of herbs and, of course, pistachios season the fish to create a steak with only 420 mg of sodium.





    Lemon Turkey Burgers: Just because you gave up salt, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up easy, satisfying burgers. This recipe replaces salty red meat with better-for-you ground turkey. Using two sodium-free Mrs. Dash seasonings, the entire recipe has only 132 mg of sodium (about 9 percent of your daily allotment).


    Orange-Cinnamon Chicken
    : Orange juice, fresh oranges and ground cinnamon season this recipe instead of salt–which also calls for the chicken to be cooked in butter. To really cut down on the harmful stuff, make sure to get unsalted butter or low-sodium margarine. And, of course, when the recipe says "salt to taste," just say ‘no!’




    Adobo Pork and Potato Packets: A yummy take on pork chops and potatoes, this entire recipe uses only half a teaspoon of salt and avoids salty ingredients. The result? Only 361 mg of sodium per serving.






    — Whitney Teal

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