Rihanna, Solange Knowles study ringology

    After seeing a few of our favorite stars (Rihanna, Solange and Keri Hilson included) sport oversized rings, we had to get in on the ’80s trend. Here are a few that we know you’ll love.


    Knuckle rings ($100, Etsy) The classic multi-finger ring reinvented with thin, elegant type. You can get any word spelled out, no matter how long it is. We wonder how many fingers we’d need to spell out "Sister 2 Sister"?






    3 Finger Ring Love, Black on White
    ($25, Ehsani Store) Ehsani is a favorite of Rihanna’s (she created the custom "Bad" ring for her, above), but is actually very reasonably priced. Non-celebs can also get custom pieces for about $48.


    Snake 14K Gold Adjustable Ring ($96.85, Capricorn’s Lair) We loved this gold ring because it’s reminiscent of Keri’s and because the adjustable sizes make it perfect for everyone.






    Yellow Gold Plated Cream Tinker Bell Treasure Chest Ring ($34, 80s Purple) This isn’t inspired by any of our celeb friends; we just thought it was cool.







    One thing we’ve learned today? Cool rings definitely don’t come cheap. Word.

    — Whitney Teal

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