Ciara’s style is like ‘Love Sex Magic’

    Ciara’s had a hell of an evolution in five short years. She went from a saccharine crunk artist to the sexy, burgeoning style icon we see today. She recently sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to discuss her budding interest in fashion, her new approach to music and Super C. Watch the video here.

    During the clip she dishes on her appreciation for fashion. "What I love about fashion is that it just kind of says a lot about who you are," said the "Like a Boy" singer. "Even about how you feel sometimes; it expresses your mood."

    Ciara also spoke about her collabo with Justin Timberlake on the red-hot single "Love Sex Magic." "He brought him," she said. "His cool energy, the Justin Timberlake sauce; he has some pretty cool sauce over there."




    Watch a clip of the "Love Sex Magic" video:



    Her forthcoming album, Fantasy Ride, will be released on May 5 and has a bevy of inspirations. It will be a "sprinkle of R&B, hip-hop and pop fused into one on this fantasy ride," Ciara explained. "It’s kind of like my interpretation of where I think music is going." And the star of that journey? Ciara’s own alter ego. "Super C comes from my inner strength within. My inner strength to overcome obstacles," Ciara said.

    "One thing that I do know for sure is that we have a super hero in all of us."

    You had us at "Goodies" CiCi.



    –Whitney Teal

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