The best online food diaries


    Statistics prove that when you track what you eat, you eat less. But there’s no need for a pen and paper diary, just go online and get the ultimate weight loss tool at your fingertips.







    Website: NutritionData
    Cost: Free
    What you get: In addition to a food diary, calculators to figure out how many calories you need per day and specialized information that focuses on educating you about what you eat and how it effects your life.
    Perks: A downloadable food search widget and a Google toolbar button.

    Cost: $9/month
    What you get: There are daily e-mails to track your nutrition and fitness progress, a robust catalog of fully-searchable foods and you’re able to access the food diary on your smartphone.
    Perks: The daily e-mails are definitely what you are paying for with this website. They help keep you motivated and serve as a virtual pat on the back for a job well done.

    Website: FitDay
    Cost: Free
    What you get: This bare-bones site gives you a basic food diary and lots of graphs and charts to document your weight loss.
    Perks: This site has lots of quirky tools. Our favorite is faux Nutrion Facts label that lists your daily intake of calories, fat, etc. instead of the contents of a specific food.

    Website: TweetWhatYouEat

    Cost: Free
    What you get: First off, you have to have a pretty rudimentary grasp of the social network Twitter to even use this. But if you’re already an avid twitterer, then this is perfect. You post what you ate plus the fat and calorie content immediately after you eat it.
    Perks: A virtual community of fellow dieters. You can join the site’s forums or add friends on the website.

    — Whitney Teal


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