Make your own Girl Scouts cookies

    Your fave Girl Scout cookies are only available once a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at making a batch at home. We found recipes for all the best, including Thin Mints, Samoas, Do Si Dos and Trefoils.

    Thin Mints are the organization’s best-sellers, so good luck trying to get a box when your local Scout rings your doorbell for orders. Baking Bites created a close substitute using peppermint oil and a dark chocolate outer coating.







    Do-si-dos are our personal favorite; we just can’t enough of that crisp, sweet outer layer combined with the smooth, peanut butter center. Oh wait, now we’re getting hungry! Big Oven tells you how to recreate the famous cookies.







    Samoas make cookie fans a little crazy. We’re not sure if it’s coconut-caramel-chocolate topping, or the sweet butter cookie, but this is the cookie that gets people going. Here is a great, DIY recipe.






    Trefoils (commonly called Shortbreads) also rank highly among cookie enthusiasts, maybe because they literally have the Girl Scouts stamp of approval. Needless to say, your homemade versions won’t feature that logo. Visit CD Kitchen for the recipe.





    Tagalongs, or peanut butter patties, are also among our personal favorite. Peanut butter with chocolate is a match made in heaven and we love to sink our teeth into these thick, delicious cookies. Recipezaar has concocted their own version of the cookie (with a whole cup and a half of peanut butter..mmmm).





    –Whitney Teal



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