13 cities that hate on your hair

    Pollution, drying sun and poof-inducing humidity are enough to get your city nominated for the badly tressed list. Here’s what you can do if you happen to dwell in one of these hair-hatin’ havens.






    New Orleans: The Creole cockpit is pure swamp, so we know it can’t be good for straight hair. Plus, it’s the 9th most humid city and the 8th wettest. We assume that if you live here, your hair hates you.  To get through it, try using Nawlins-tested Nexxus Emergencée Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor ($14.99, Walgreens) to fight frizz.




    Houston: We can hardly breathe when we visit H-Town, so we know our hair is suffocating in the moldy humidity. Plus, this city has the one-two-three knockout punch for bad hair: sunny weather, humidity and pollution. For the best hair, be sure to occasionally clarify your scalp with a non-drying, deep cleansing shampoo like Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo ($4.79, Ulta) to remove gross pollution remnants.






    Las Vegas: Sin City’s perpetual sun is sinfully damaging to your hair. Never, ever leave the house without a layer of protection, like Phyto Protective Sun Veil ($20, Peninsula Beauty).







    Cinncinnati: Cinncinati is #7 on the nation’s largest cities list, but only has eight beauticians listed on yellowpages.com. Our advice is to invest in a top-notch blowdryer and salon-quality flat iron. If you have a few hundred dollars to spend, try the Pibbs Kwik Dry Hooded Dryer ($399.95, Hair Dryers) and the Maxiglide Flat Iron Value Kit ($79.95, StyleBell). After all, you’re on your own in C-Town.







    Head to TotalBeauty.com for the rest of the list.


    –Whitney Teal

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