Keke Palmer sounds off on bloggers

    Keke Palmer is clapping back at bloggers who say she was a little underdressed for the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

    Fingers haven’t stopped typing since Keke showed at the awards wearing a purple leather minidress.  Comments have ranged from, “they are turning her into a slut, where are her parents,” to, “she is way too dressed up for Kids’ Choice.”

    One poster even said, “she is 14 and too young to wear that dress.” Nevermind that Keke is actually 15 years old.

    The young actress didn’t see anything wrong with what she chose to wear to the show, saying that the dress absolutely age-appropriate.

    “I will be 16 years old and I wore a mini dress [sic]. Nothing was showing: my breasts were covered, my thighs were covered,” Keke replied on her MySpace blog. “When I bent over you could not see my panties or anything like that; it was a perfectly cut mini dress.”

    Keke didn’t like the comment about her folks, either! “My parents are great parents they liked the dress and saw nothing wrong with it,” she wrote. "Trust me, before I put it on, Larry and Sharon Palmer have approved it!"

    She also had a little something to say about people saying that she had on too much make up for such a young girl. 

    “I have to wear heavy make up when taking a ton of pictures because if I don’t, my skin will photograph with blemishes and then people will write, ‘she looks bad, she should wear make up.’ So, you see, I cannot win for losing,” she exclaimed.

    While Keke didn’t name names, she did link, whose users were particularly critical of her fashion choice.

    — Sonya Eskridge



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