Changing ‘The Game’ for the CW

    Writers for the “The Game” might have to flip the script if producers can change the show’s format.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Game” creator Mara Brock Akil is expected to pitch the show as an hour-long dramatic comedy to executives at the CW.

    Although, the CW has been renewing most of its one-hour dramas, this could be a risky move “The Game.” The show would be targeted at an older urban market (translation: grown black folks.), whereas the renewed shows are aimed more at younger audience.

    However, a change in the format could make a lot of sense since “The Game” has been taking a more dramatic turn than its contemporaries, like “Everybodty Hates Chris.” Both shows are the last remaining comedies on CW, and neither of them has been picked up for another season yet.

    If the deal goes through and the show is able to switch its game plan, this could muck up syndication for the show. 

    Mara also created “Girlfriends,” which “The Game” spun off of just as the CW was launching back in 2006.

    — Sonya Eskridge



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