‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 6, 2009

    David Alan Grier & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Viennese Waltz

    After a lukewarm reception last week, David came back with determination for his Viennese Waltz. 

    DAG joked about bribing the judges to get some better scores on the board. But if you let his partner, Kym Johnson (she’s behind all those feathers), tell it, he doesn’t need to go that far. She said his focus is amazing and that he knows he needed to step it up.

    It was obvious from his practice footage that he left the funny man at home, because was all about getting his steps right.

    "I don’t want to give the judges any reason to say, ‘David your booty was sticking out,’" said DAG.  "I’m out to show everyone that, Kim and I, we’re not done. It’s not over."

    David was so solid with his moves, hitting every line and executing some fabulous flourishes. You could tell that he really got into the dance and completely gave himself over to the character he played in it.

    "The spell worked at times. …You lifted your leg and you looked like a dog on a lamp post," Bruno critiqued. "When you kept it classic it worked." We don’t know what Bruno was talking about, we thought Dave did great!

    Carrie Anne wasn’t impressed with David’s Viennese Waltz either. She said that although he can pull off some really athletic moves, there was still something lacking in the performance. "You two are not moving in unison, and that is causing a disconnect," she said.

    Of course the judges can’t agree all the time, and Len (ever the toughie) gave Dave a positive critique. "I thought that was very, very good performance, a very difficult dance, and I am very pleased," said Len.

    "I’m really proud of the dance that Kim and I did," David said. He looked like he was keeping his composure on camera, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he set it off backstage once they went to commercial.

    Even with the mixed reaction, DAG still got 22 out of 30.

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