Easter candy gets a makeover

    Candy sales are up this year (could it be the recession talking to us?) and candymakers are rolling out updates to all of your favorite Easter classics.


    Peeps: We confess that we’re just not that into colored marshmallow and thus don’t really crush on Peeps. But if you do love the mushy stuff, you’ll be glad to hear that the company is always reinventing the candy. This year try chocolate or the sugar-free kind.





    Jelly beans: Though delicious year-round, these little chewy treats are 100 percent Easter. Jelly Belly, the biggest seller of the beans, also sells the bunny corn, which is a tin of pastel-colored treats just for the occasion.











    Cadbury Eggs:
    They are not straight from a bunny (as the old-school commercials would have you believe), but they are synonymous with this holiday. Hershey’s introduced two new varieties this year: mini-eggs and royal dark mini-eggs.




    Palmer Peanut Butter Bunnyettes:
    What is it about peanut butter and chocolate that just goes with Easter? These Palmer treats are favorites at mall candy stores and also perfect Resurrection Day snacks.







    What’s your favorite Easter candy? 

    –Whitney Teal




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