Tracee Ellis Ross, New York are afromaniacs

    Some truly great stars have chunked the deuces to straighteners and learned to revel in their natural texture. We’ve assembled wisdom from a few obvious (i.e. hair goddess Tracy Ellis Ross) and not-so obvious (umm, New York?) to give you some pointers.

    New York (née Tiffany Pollard): Who knew Flavor Flav’s ex had such a beautiful head of hair?



    She and her unforgettable mom Sister Patterson are reportedly fans of the Miss Jessie’s line of products. Her favorite products are the Rapid Recovery Treatment ($9 for 2 oz.) and the Curly Meringue ($7 for 2 oz.), both available at


    Tracee Ellis Ross: Before it was cancelled, we would love to watch "Girlfriends" just to see what new curly style little Miss Ross would whip out.





    According to an interview with, Tracee pampers her locks with lots and lots of conditioner. "There’s a really cheap product called Hair Mayonnaise [$9.99, Walgreens]; it’s an organic product that you can buy at health food stores," said Tracee. "It’s a big tub and it’s like a hair growth product [and] really good conditioner." She uses the product in the shower and then once a week treats her conditioner-soaked hair to a steam treatment to promote softness.

    India.Arie: We spoke to Gerard Dure, India’s longtime hair stylist who told us that the soul songstress is a pro at doing her hair at home.


    "India’s really good with her hair," he told us. "She knows how to twist it up, she puts in afro hair. And it always looks good of course." To get one of India’s twist looks, fill your hair with an organic conditioner like Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In ($7.99, Ulta) before twisting for even more curl or wave definition.



    Who’s your favorite natural hairspiration?



    –Whitney Teal

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