Veronica Webb mulls over an accessories line

    Veronica Webb is pretty good at making any item of clothing look gorgeous (see her stint as one of the world’s top models), but now the retired beauty is looking to get behind the scenes in the fashion industry. New York magazine hit her up at the New York launch of Topshop/Topman and she said that she’s "in talks" to create an accessories line.

    "I would make accessories that would be the ultimate building blocks of women’s wardrobes," Veronica said. "You know, things that they could interchange from season to season, and no matter what, they’d have the perfect little thing at their fingertip every time you need to get dressed in twenty minutes and leave the house — the belt that matters, the hoops that matter. All the stuff you wish you had right there when you needed it." Hmm, sounds good to us! But what about price? While Veronica didn’t discuss how much her goods would cost the consumer, she did talk about what she’s doing at home to save money: walking, not driving, her kids to school, serving her family leftovers and getting a group rate at the gym with other moms.

    Times really are hard for everyone! Here’s hoping Vee doesn’t go crazy with the accessories, but instead opts to keep them affordable for all.

    — Whitney Teal

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