Tyra’s heading back to New York

    We hope that models in Manhattan won’t lose their mind now that Tyra Banks is giving them another shot.

    Tyra and the producers of  “America’s Next Top Model” have announced that they will be holding another open call audition in New York on April 11.  More details about the do-over will be posted to The CW’s website later this week.

    This comes after last month’s casting abruptly ended in disaster and disappointment when a riot broke out.  Six people were injured and three people were arrested as a result.

    A major complaint from models in line (especially ones who got there the night before auditions) was that the whole audition was very disorganized.

    This time around, producers aim to keep the mob of models under control by enforcing a few measures. For starters no one is allowed to line up outside of the audition site overnight. Secondly, hopefuls will be given a colored wristband that indicates when their audition has been scheduled.

    However, the most important new rule is no cutsies.  No one will be allowed to cut in line, or hold a place for anyone else.

    — Sonya Eskridge


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