Halle Berry photoshopped for magazine cover?!

    Halle Berry’s a stunning woman, yet some say that wasn’t enough for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The ‘Net’s buzzing with media types claiming the actress’ skin was lightened, her cheekbones were enlarged and that her face was slimmed down.

    Entertainmentwise.com wrote that, "at first glance the smouldering cover girl is almost unrecognisable [sic] as the 42-year-old Oscar winner thanks to some over-zealous airbrushing." And the New York Daily News said that she "looks suspiciously airbrushed – and much older than usual – on the bubble-gum pink cover."

    Lighting and makeup can dramatically change the way a person’s skin color appears on film. Plus if they were doing all that, why would they not take care of those under-eye thingies she’s got going on? And haven’t we all come to accept that photo retouching is a way of life? But what we don’t understand is that blonde wig! Really, Halle’s normal, dark tresses would have fit in just fine.

    Bottom line: They didn’t do our girl any favors if they did take her through the Photoshop ringer. We’ve seen her look much, much better, both on and off the covers of mags.

    Check out these Halle photos and judge for yourself.


    — Whitney Teal

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