‘Top Model’ auditions just a photo op?

    Runway hopefuls across the country might have a reason to riot at casting calls for “America’s Next Top Model.”

    An inside source told the New York Daily News that show producers choose some of the contestants at private auditions, and the open calls are mostly just for show.

    “The producers had already picked some of the girls they wanted in private meetings,” said the source. “They had to sign agreements promising not to reveal how they were chosen.”

    A rep for the CW didn’t say a word when asked if it was true that at least four models had already been picked before a disastrous casting in Manhattan last month.

    Model in the making, Dehea Abraham, said she’s friends with one of the specially selected girls.

    “Someone from the show saw her MySpace page and invited her to a secret pre-audition. …She had to sign a confidentiality agreement,” Dehea told the Daily News. “When I got to New York, she called me and said, ‘Please tell me you’re not in New York City. You’re wasting your time.’”

    The first open call ended when a riot broke out sending six girls to the hospital. Dehea said she saw signs that the cattle call was a publicity stunt. 

    a lot of high school girls who haven’t developed and don’t have morals. They cut in line. That’s how the trouble started. She said the fact that the height requirement had been lowered so the open call drew “a lot of high school girls who haven’t developed and don’t have morals. They cut in line. That’s how the trouble started.”

    The whole thing left her a bit jaded about the whole process of auditioning for “Top Model.”

    “They don’t really look for new faces. They just look for a girl that fits the image they already have in mind. It’s preordained.”

    However, Dionne Sherrae, who got hurt in the model melee, said she’s not surprised by rumors that the try-outs are rigged. “You never hear about people saying, ‘Oh, I stood in line next to that girl.’”

    Despite the not-so-fierce rumors, Tyra & Co. did have another audition in New York so that judges could see all the girls who were turned away after the open call in March was shut down.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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