Cassie’s hair apparent

    In light of Cassie’s recent, umm, interesting, hair transformation, we took a look at the singer’s hair evolution, good and bad hair days included.

    Half-Bald (Worst):
    Ugh. That’s all we can say about her "rock star" haircut.













    Shoulder-length Bob (Best):
    The shoulder-skimming, straight bob was one of our favorite Cassie looks. It made the cherubic-faced singer look older and very sophisticated.










    Honey Blonde with Curls (Worst): This definitely doesn’t look bad on Cassie, but it’s not one of her best. The color is too close to her skin tone, while the volume of the Dolly Parton-esque ‘do seems to teeter on the singer’s dainty shoulder.








    Long, Black and Sleek (Best):
    Remember that catchy song "Me and You" from Cassie’s first album? Well, it was the singer’s straight tresses that really caught our attention.











    Low Bun (Best): What’s not to love about this classic look that Diddy’s girl pulls off so effortlessly? Definitely a keeper.














    Feathered Layers (Best): Looking back is always a good move, especially if you’re reaching for Farrah Fawcett’s wings circa 1970. Cassie pulls it off with ease.










    Shaggy Bangs, Long Layers (Worst): Cassie, are you in there?! We can’t really see her face for those over-long bangs. The rest of her ‘do also seems to be a little too reminiscent of a puppy in need of grooming.












    What’s your favorite Cassie look?

    — Whitney Teal

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