‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 13

    Lil’ Kim and Lawrence Taylor  got to shine while doing the Jive on Monday’s episode of "Dancing With The Stars." The Jive is a high-energy dance that has roots in Harlem. Hmm… could that be why Kim and Larry did so good?!
    Lil’ Kim and Derek Hough
    Dance: Jive

    The Queen Bee got to go back to being her sassy self this week.
    “Hopefully, this week, Kim will have an edge because we’re adding a lot of flavor, and a lot of character, to our dance,” said Derek.
    Kim admitted that she had a tough time learning the dance. “The Jive is definitely more challenging than I thought,” Kim said during a practice break. ”I struggled with the character.”
    What character was that, you ask? Kim took on the role of a prison warden for her dance to “Jailhouse Rock.” We’re not going to comment on that, but we know you get the irony.
    The pair ended up stopping by a 50s-style themed diner where Kim got to really take in the culture. “I stepped back in time to get a glimpse of what the 50’s was all about.” We think that stopping for a bite at the burger joint was
    Anyway, it seems like the show producers always want to make us wonder if the stars can pull off the steps, but we weren’t worried about our girl. When the music started playing the Kim and Derek began whirling around the parkay like they had skates on! The couple was bouncing all over the place as they flung each other around the floor and did some high-flying tricks.
    Kim and Derek really put on a show for the audience, and you know that the Bionic Booty had to put some of her sassy swagger on the dance (that girl got low!). The performance earned them another standing ovation from the audience—including Queen Latifah—and the night’s best scores!


    Kim and Derek had the judges jumping out of their seats …well most of them, anyway.
    Judge Bruno Tonioli couldn’t stay still while shouting, “You rocked; fabulous!” That was about the only complete sentence he got out in all his excitement.
    Judge Carrie Ann Inaba let out a Mary Murphy-esque scream before exclaiming, “That was amazing! I don ‘t know how you do it you bring such pizzaz. Derek fantastic choreography that was just mind-blowing!” She jumped up so quick that her diamond bracelet flew off of her wrist.
    Ever the downer, Judge Len Goodman said he thought the dance was a little too theatrical for him to consider it a proper ballroom Jive, but that he still enjoyed it. Whatever, Len!
    Despite what Len thought, Kim and Derek still chassezed away with a score of 28 out of 30.

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