‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 13


    Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska
    Dance: Jive

    We have to say Lawrence really stepped it up this week, but things seemed a little doubtful at f.
    “When you’re dancing the Jive you’re supposed to have a huge smile on your face. That is impossible for Lawrence when he’s learning a new dance,” said Edyta.
    So, to get the smile back on Larry’s lips, his old teammate Warren Sapp dropped by practice to show him some support. “He got me psyched up now,” Lawrence smiled during practice.
    The visit seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered, because when Lawrence and Edyta took to the stage the audience was in for a party. He even came out with a little bop.  Get it Lawrence!  We wonder if producers will bring anymore of his teammates to practice since it seemed to do such wonders for him.
    Unlike the last few weeks, this dance required some real participation from Larry and he was definitely up to the challenge. He didn’t seem to be too worried about dancing since it looked like he was just having such a great time with the Jive. We loved it, and the judges agreed! 
    “You got your goove back,” said Carrie Ann. “That was so much fun watching you get out there.”
    Judge Bruno proclaimed that Larry was “alive and kicking.” He noticed that even though the former NFL player was having a really good time Monday night, he still keeping excellent time with the beat. 
    “You were on it all the way through,” Bruno said.
    Len seemed to let up for Lawrence; he said that the performance was L.T.’s best to date in the competition. “I’ve always thought you were a very intense person, but you came out and showed us a lighter side,” he said.
    Lawrence and Edyta earned 22 out of 30 for all their fun—we mean hard work.
    That’s not a bad come back from last week when he had to face off against David Alan Grier after finding out that he was in the bottom two. But will his performance be enough to keep him floor? Find out to tonight when “Dancing With The Stars: The Results” airs at 9 p.m. on ABC.



    — Sonya Eskridge

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