Sharon Leal takes it off for ‘Allure’

    Sharon Leal, star of films like Dreamgirls and This Christmas, was part of the Naked Truth feature in May’s Allure magazine. For the shoot, Sharon donned nothing but a few chain links and a side swept bob. She told the magazine that she tried to watch her diet in order to prepare. "At first, I was flattered to be asked, and then I thought, Wow, can I do it?" Sharon said. "I tried not to have my late-night French fry fix, and I tried to mentally prepare and keep the fear at bay."

    See how the shoot turned out:


    Sharon also revealed that she had a little mantra during her nudey shoot. "I just breathed and said to myself, ‘I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful; I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful,’ until I didn’t have to say that anymore," she said. "It’s liberating, but posing once may be enough."

    But it wasn’t all fun for the screen siren. Sharon said she got an, "ache in my hip from holding the pose."

    What do you think of Sharon’s photo? Tasteful, or showing too much?

    –Whitney Teal

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