Michael Vick wants to keep it real

    Michael Vick is looking to do a reality show.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter Mike has been talking to producers about doing an unscripted docu-series, which show him attempting to “make amends for his past.”
    The series would begin following him as soon as he’s released from federal custody on July 20. He’s been serving a nearly two-year sentence after confessing that he funded a dogfighting ring, which was also run out of his home in Surry County, Virginia.
    The Hollywood Reporter’s source said that interested producers met with Michael while he was in prison, hoping to sign him.  Now, a few different groups claim to have his rights, which is confusing deal proceedings.
    Michael’s lawyers told a judge at this bankruptcy hearing that he has agreed to a television deal that pays $600,000.  However, Michael is asking for more money because he reportedly owes millions of dollars to creditors.
    Then there’s the question of which network will pick up his series (we’re pretty sure Animal Planet isn’t interested).  Insiders predict that it could be a toss up between A&E and Spike TV.
    Whenever this project hits the TV screen, it won’t be the first series inspired by Mike’s case.  “Dogtown,” which airs on the National Geographic Channel, is following the rehabilitation of his old fighting dogs.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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