Solange and Beyoncé to do duet?

    Will Beyoncé be making a guest appearance on Solange’s next album? Bey’s baby sister said that it is always a possibility.
    "I definitely think that they’ll [sic] be a time and a place for me and my sister to collaborate," Solange told MTV News. "It’s just all about the time and the place and letting it evolve naturally.  And whenever that day happens we’ll embrace it well come up with something good."
    It wouldn’t be the first time that the sisters have teamed up.  They performed together for a Destiny’s Child reunion at the 2007 MTV Music Awards. More recently, they’ve shot ads for Samantha Thavasa’s Japanese line of handbags (like the one seen above).  That’s a pretty big deal considering they’re the first Black women to pose for the brand.
    For, now Solange is just trying to figure out which sound she wants for her follow-up to Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. And she ‘s already laid some of the groundwork on the new album.
    "More so in finding out and experimenting on who I want to be on board with,” said Solange, “just more so experimenting with the ideas of finding one or two solid musicians and building from there."
    Solange told MTV news that the next project may have moodier, electronic feel to it; and she would looove to hook up with Chairlift and Midnight Juggernauts.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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