Keisha Knight Pulliam, LeToya Luckett bang it up

    Bangs are sort of like stacked heels: They come in and out of style, but they never stay gone for very long. We’ve recently spotted some extraordinarily fly chicks (Keshia and LeToya included) rocking bangs. Here’s how to get your own set:

    Evaluate your face: All bangs aren’t created equal. LaToya’s are long enough to be swept to the side and partially cover one eye while Keisha’s skim her eyebrows and hang straight. Look at your face: Do you want to cover a round or wide forehead? Go for longer bangs. Do you have wide eyes that you’d like to draw attention to? Opt for shorter bangs.

    Assemble the tools:
    The kitchen scissors will not do in this case. Invest in a pair of high-quality cutting shears, like these.

    Straighten, if needed: You definitely need for your hair to be at its straightest before you make any snips (bangs included). So, you might want to blow dry your hair with a round brush, or smooth out kinks with a flat iron.

    Section off the hair:
    This is the time to decide how much bang you want. For thicker bangs, section off more hair and start further away from your hairline. For thinner, pixie-ish bangs, use a small amount of hair. Make a neat, straight part from one side of your head to the other. Tie the rest of your hair back with a clip or ponytail holder.

    Cut!: Figure out how long you want them, and then clamp down on the hair with your index and ring fingers. Cut about 1/5" less than you think you want, just in case. Start in the center and cut out towards the edges, holding the scissors straight. Go very slowly and pay attention to how the hairs that were already cut look. Chances are that extra little bit of hair will spring back up (because your holding the hair taunt). If your bangs are still too long, you can go back in and make a small snip.

    Here’s a video, if you’d like to see it done:

    And, of course, there’s always your trusty hair stylist if you’re too squeamish to cut your own hair.


    –Whitney Teal

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