Brandy’s back in the studio

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    Despite not-so-stellar sales for Human, Brandy is working on her sixth album.
 reports that singer is doing a quick turn around and has already gotten back in the studio to record for her next album.
    Her last album, Human, was just released last November; she teamed up with long-time producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins for the project. This time, she’s switching up her sound by having producer teams Stargate work on a few of the songs. Ne-Yo has reportedly also been tapped to write a few songs for the CD.
    Brandy’s also squeezed in some time for a TV comeback. She’ll be working on a new ABC series called “This Little Piggy,” according to
    The Hollywood Reporter.  The show is about two grown folks (Jeff Davis, Rebecca Creskoff) who have to move in with their older brother. Brandy will be playing Jeff’s wife, who happens to be something of a diva.
    Most recently, she made a quick appearance on VH1′s "For the Love of Ray J," helping her brother put his ladies to the test.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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    0 thoughts on “Brandy’s back in the studio

    1. I’m gonna need to use broken english to truely discribe how I feel about this…don’t get me wrong, I love Brandy BUTT! Imma need her to come out of that safe place…the good girl girl realm and tap into the other side!

      Dammit! everyones got an alter-ego and I’m gon’ need her to find hers! fo’ real!
      Let Ray-J produce something or something! Yes I did say something or something.

      And for the love of goodness, stop letting Dark Child produe your whole GD album!!!!
      He working miracle for everyone else but you!
      Versatility is key…

      Imma need you to holla at Pharrell, Polo and Timberland!

      I am looking forward to a change. Looking forward to seeing Brandy come out the box…hell, I doubt you’ll loose any fans for it!
      Imma need you to come again…
      stronger…harder and with some damn fire
      Hell, rap a lil bit…everyones tried it Cierra, Mary J

      Come on chica!! you can do it!!

      oh! and dammit change your hair!!

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