NYU supports hip-hop education center

    New York University is partnering with the Hip-Hop Association to drop some knowledge.

    AllHipHop.com reports that NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development has said that it’s working with the H2A to found the Hip-Hop Education Center for Research, Evaluation, and Professional Development.
    The education center will be pushing for education reform by brining national arts programs and schools to teach hip-hop culture. It will be supervised by an advisory committee that must also create a think tank designed to keep up with hip-hop culture. Committee members will be a select group of administrators, artists, scholars and teachers.
    “Hip-hop culture is an undeniable force that must be examined further in order to bring credence to this new field of education practice that is gaining traction,” Hip-Hop Association President Martha Diaz told AHH. “Creating the center has been both arduous and rewarding. We needed a space to conduct expert research, cultivate leadership, and create an archive that validates the work we do. With our academic supporters at NYU, we made it happen.”
    Martha said now that dreams of an education center are being realized that hip-hop has to continue growing its presence beyond consumerism and entertainment.
    The center will get its debut at the annual Hip-Hop Educates and Advances Lives Festival this month.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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