Will Smith has some ‘Unfinished Business’

    Will Smith will be working with the Sci Fi Channel on a new crime drama.
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sci Fi has ordered a movie called Unfinished Business. The made-for-TV film centers on an ex-cop who starts seeing memories from those who have recently died, and the visions prompt him to solve their problems.
    Will’s Overbrook Entertainmet will produce the two-hour movie, which could also serve as a series pilot.
    "Sci Fi is excited to begin development on Unfinished Business with Overbrook Entertainment and Will Smith," Sci Fi Executive Vice President of Original Programming Mark Stern told The Reporter. "It is a compelling and thrilling drama that is perfect for our audience."
    The last time Sci Fi tried its hand at crime drama was when it aired “The Dresden Files” back in 2007.  That show was based off of a book series by the same name. Of course, we’re still waiting to see what happens next season on Sci Fi’s “Eureka.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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