Black journalist wins Pulitzer Prize for Obama coverage

    Eugene Robinson, an African-American columnist for The Washington Post, snagged a Pulitzer Prize for his work covering President Barack Obama’s campaign.

    The Pulitzers are handed out each year to exemplary writers and reporters in 21 categories. Eugene was nominated by his paper in the Commentary category for his Op-Ed columns. He is also a frequent contributor to MSNBC.

    While accepting the prize, Eugene spoke to his colleagues about the emotion behind his election coverage. "To win it for coverage of the biggest event in my lifetime, and one that has such personal meaning for me, it’s better than anything," Eugene said. "The moment that I will never forget from the campaign was 10:45 p.m. …they told us they were calling Obama for the election. I got to call my mom and dad from the [MSNBC] set and tell them they had lived to see the election of the first Black president." His father passed away on January 2, weeks before Barack’s inauguration.

    Watch his remarks:

    Check out Eugene’s latest column for The Washington Post, "When Slapped, Slap Back," which charges the president to show his temper every now and again.

    –Whitney Teal

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