Chingy fires back at affair rumors

    Chingy is clapping back at claims that he slept with a transsexual.
    First, he had some choice words for the “Street Disciplez “radio show, which posted the inflammatory video to YouTube.
    “That’s just out of line to put some s**t up there like that, knowing that you…telling a lie,” Chingy said. “That’s just basically some f*****d s**t to do; so f**k them, first and foremost.”
    Then the rapper went at Foxxjazell (the transsexual) swearing that he has no idea who she is. “I don’t even know that person—never seen that person a day in my life,” said Chingy. “Only thing that person knew was my real name.”  According to him that’s no big feat as he says his name in his songs.
    Even so, Chingy isn’t worried about all the hear-say, though. To him, it means that he’s still interesting and relevant to people. “You know when I’m going to be worried? When ain’t nobody talking about me,” he said. “So, while you m*****f*****s keeping my name in your mouth, you’re not hurting me.”

    Lips started flapping when Foxxjazell told “
    Street Disciplez” that she carried on a sexual relationship with the rapper after they met in 2003. She said that affair started off as a one-night stand, and that Chingy didn’t know she was transsexual until their second meeting.



    — Sonya Eskridge



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