‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 20

    The Queen Bee was knocked from her throne and Lawrence Taylor dropped the ball on Monday night’s "Dancing With The Stars."

    Lil’ Kim and Derek
    Dance: Rumba

    Their jive was amazing last week and we were wondering if they could stay on top.  Sadly, the answer was no.
    Lil’ Kim and Derek had to dance the Rumba. It’s a sultry dance and that presented some problems for the professional dancer.
    "I have an interesting challenge this week.  I actually have to tone down Kim’s sexiness," Derrick said.
    The couple was all about keeping it strictly ballroom this week because they were really trying to impress Judge Len Goodman, who is a lot tougher on the contestants than either Judges Carrie Ann Inaba or Bruno Tonioli.
    Practice was a struggle for the pair and they came to a few snags in the choreography. It wasn’t hard to tell that the usually happy-go-lucky couple was getting frustrated at trying to reign in Kim’s sass.
    "It’s very importat to be sexy, but still keeping a nice balance," said Kim. "Derek is a great choreography and I’m confident we can pull it together."
    If nothing else, the costume our girl designed definitely struck the balance they needed for the Rumba. She made a drapey pink dress that was completely different from anything we expected of her, but it worked!
    We loved their Rumba if for no other reason than the fact that they danced to Robin Thicke’s "Lost Without You." That was the perfect song for them!
    Their performance started off a little slow, and it didn’t have the energy that the pair usually brings to every dance. Still, they seemed pretty into what they were doing–and we’re pretty sure we saw Derek singing along.
    But when the bionic booty found her groove, she and her partner glided across the hardwood. Their Rumba was full of contrast from the silky scoops to the snaps that were as sharp as a razor’s edge. And Kim’s full body extension was insane! We wonder how long they had to work on that before they got it right.

    Although it wasn’t what we’ve come to expect of the couple, we still thought they did pretty good!  Unfortunately, the performance got some mixed reviews from the judges: they liked it, but it they didn’t love it.
    "It was understated, but it was also a bit underwhelming," Judge Carrie Ann Inaba commented.
    "You must go with what you know. You’ve got to do what you do best," said Judge Len Goodman, who Kim and Derek were really trying to impress. "Don’t worry about the sexiness on my part; I love it."
    Judge Bruno Tonioli echoed those sentiments, saying, "Taking the raunch out of Lil’ Kim is like having a margarita without the tequila; it doesn’t work."
    With critiques like that we didn’t think Kim and Derek would get anywhere near the scores they won last week.  However, we were pleasantly surprised when they scored 26 out of 30.

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