‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 20

    Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska
    Dance: Waltz

    Between practicing with Edyta, flying to Florida for a charity golf event and getting in step with the other stars for the group dance, Larry had a pretty crazy week. Edyta was there with him through it all because he had her tag along for a round of golf.
    "I want her to see how it is to be judged on something you’ve never done," Lawrence said. He joked that she looked good on the course, but that her form was all wrong.
    Larry quickly changed his tune when it came time to practice the Waltz, which Edyta said he was having a difficult time with…again. But Larry, holding last week’s jive in mind, kept a positive attitude.
    "Last week I got my groove back; This week I have to get my smooth on," he quipped during practice. We think he may have forgotten somewhere this week.
    Although Lawrence is our boy, we have to say, his performance Monday night left us cringing. He was really clunky and there were almost too many missteps to count. He really lost it this week, but we’re sure he can do better next Monday (if he survives tonight’s elimination.)
    On the upside, Edyta looked gorgeous thanks to him. Lawrence stayed true to his word and kept her covered up this week. We wondered what Larry was thinking when she came out in a navy blue, fur-collared, full-length jacket. He pulled it off to reveal the elegant evening gown he designed, which she promptly got tangled up in.

    Hopefully the former football player can pull it together next week, because we’ve seen him do waaay better than that. But, as always, the judges saw it a little differently.
    Carrie Ann said that Lawrence’s movements were a little more open this week, and she gave him props for the dress he made Edyta.
    "You definitely got the romance part right. ..When you’re turning you got a little bit clumsy," said Judge Bruno, who actually managed to stay in his seat in his seat this week. "Not terrible, but not brilliant."
    "Overall, I was shocked at how well you performed," said Len, which really came as a surprise.  Everyone who watches the show knows that Len is really about the tough love, but it seemed that he went a little easy this week.
    Were they watching the same couple as us?!  We like Larry and all, but we think this was one of his worst dances to date. No matter what our opinion is, he and Edyta Waltzed off with 21 out of 30.
    "With the mistakes we made, I’m happy with the 21," said Lawrence before he and Edyta had to rush off and do a quick change for the group dance.

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