Kanye West’s girl did not strip for Louis Vuitton

    Rumors of Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose’s racy Louis Vuitton ads are false.

    If you’re at all tuned into pop culture, you’ve seen the bare-bottom shots of Kanye and Amber floating around the ‘Net, purportedly as part of Louis Vuitton’s promotion for ‘Ye’s sneakers. We, of course, feared the quick-to-sue company was in danger of being litigated against for putting out this softcore porn.

    But, New York magazine‘s sources have confirmed that the images are not part of any advertisement from Louis Vuitton. We also placed a call to the luxury company’s public relations team and were told that, to their knowledge, no official images have been released. In fact, one of their press agencies said "the photos that were circulating on the web of Kanye with Amber Rose are not related to Louis Vuitton." The verdict? The pics are definitely not Louis V. ads.

    Now the only question is: How will the Kanye’s Louis Vuitton ads look? Will they involve a gayfish? Questions, questions.


    — Whitney Teal

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