When should I toss my makeup?

    Have you had the same tube of mascara since college? Then it’s probably time to get rid of it. It’s hard to know what cosmetics to toss and what to keep, so keep reading for makeup expiration dates.

    Liquid products should get tossed every six months; powder products can last up to two years. But, definitely use your judgment as older products begin to look different on your face.

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    Eyeliner: Anywhere from three to five years. Sharpening the pencil keeps it clean and fresh. Also, be sure to clean your pencil sharpener with alcohol periodically.

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    Eyeshadow: Creamy shadows should be thrown away after a few months (up to six), while powder shadows can be used for up to two years.

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    Mascara: up to four months. It’s super-easy to get infected from products that interact with your eyes, so keep track of when you buy and toss liquid eye products.

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    Lipgloss/lipstick/lipliner: A few years. Lip pencils can go up to five years while sticks and glosses should be replaced after three. Long-wear products have a slightly shorter shelf-life.

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    Sunscreen: This is the one product that normally has an expiration date printed on the package, so check it out when you buy it. In general, six months is the rule since older products are not as effective at protecting your skin.

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    — Whitney Teal

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