Abortion is ‘Not Yet Rain’ in Ethiopia

    Not Yet Rain, a 20-minute documentary currently being screened for free at NotYetRain.org, opens with scenes from the East African countryside rolling by, women draped in all white and a gripping quote, "In Ethiopia, thousands of women die each year from pregnancy-related complications." Amid the haunting, chant-like music playing in the background, "One of the leading causes is unsafe abortion" also flashes across the screen. 

    The film was created by Lisa Russell, an independent filmmaker with a passion for chronicling African culture. She was inspired to create the doc after a 2006 Ethiopian ruling "marked great progress toward reproductive freedom," but did not eliminate the frequently lethal practice of unsafe abortions. Women in that country have a one in seven chance of dying from pregnancy-related problems. Most of the women in the film became pregnant after being raped.

    The title is derived from an African proverb, "Thunder is not yet rain."

    — Whitney Teal

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