‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: April 22 results

    It’s down to the final six on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” and unfortunately, one of our favorites was sent packing Tuesday night.
    Everyone got down on the dance floor for the group dance at the beginning of the show. As always, rapper Lil’ Kim turned it out; but much to our happy surprise, NFL player Lawrence Taylor seemed a lot looser tonight.  Was he getting his groove back again?
    The two really had to rebound from the mixed reviews that the judges gave them on Monday. Len told Kim that she just had to go for what she knows, because her Rumba with partner Derek Hough was lacking her style. 

    “Now that I know I can be myself, oh it’s on, baby,” Kim exclaimed after judging.
    Lawrence (who made more than a few missteps last night) was told that although his turns were a bit “clumsy,” he was showing improvement. Carrie Ann really liked the costume that he designed for partner Edyta Sliwinska, and we agree: it was gorgeous!
    DWTS brought in doctors to explain everything that a dancer’s body goes through during the course of the competition. As it turns out, shaking your booty is quite a workout!
    Physicians said that Kim burns up to 1,100 calories in a four-hour practice, and as a result, she’s lost two inches from waist and hips each. Meanwhile L.T. has dropped 15 pounds during his time on DWTS because he burns an average of 15,000 calories a week! This just leaves us wondering one thing: Where can we sign up for some ballroom lessons?
    But alas, it looks like Lawrence’s workout has come to an end as he was benched Tuesday night. He’s come close to elimination before; if you remember, he won the dance off against David Alan Grier a couple weeks back. We weren’t exactly crazy about his performance Monday night, but we hate to see him go.
    "This has been a great experience,” Lawrence said. “’Dancing With The Stars’ and ABC have given me such a lovely partner.  She taught me everything I know about dancing—I don’t know where the h**l I’m gonna use it.”
    Larry wasn’t letting the dismissal bother him though because he’s getting right back into the swing of things. “Tee off is at 9:30 [a.m.],” he told his golf buddies before his final spin around the floor with Edyta.

    Lil’ Kim is our final favorite in the competition, so tune in next week to see her get back to her old self when ABC airs “Dancing With The Stars” at 8 p.m. EST on Monday.



    — Sonya Eskridge


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