‘New York’ magazine’s urban comment: racist?

    Earlier in the week, New York‘s fashion blog, The Cut, broke the story that the leaked photos of Kanye West and his dame Amber Rose lounging in the nude (well, Amber was) were not part of his Louis Vuitton advertising campaign. And while we all appreciated the knowledge, not everyone was pleased about how blogger Amy Odell phrased the news. Here is what she wrote:

    "So to answer the question we all asked when we first saw these images, no, Louis Vuitton is not out of its mind. We’re still not sure what the shots are for. We’re guessing some kind of urban magazine like Giant. Unless Vogue has lost its mind."

    As an urban magazine ourselves (fyi: urban is how White media folks classify Black publications), we were pretty offended. And we weren’t the only ones. Parlour magazine wrote this about Amy’s diss:

    "The mention of Giant in a condescending tone is a bit much. Especially since NYMag did a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan almost naked last year and I’m sure that was more risque than many were ready for, not to mention Lohan’s bum is the opening photo. Secondly, the phrase ‘some kind of urban magazine’ sounds like non-urban mags don’t show women half naked, etc. Thirdly, her statement ‘Unless Vogue has lost its mind’ is condescending too. Frankly, I wish – I’m sure Anna Wintour [Editor-in-Chief of Vogue] does too – that U.S. Vogue would lose it’s mind. The book would probably sell more issues."

    Ouch. For the record, 117-year old Vogue‘s circulation (or, how many people read the magazine) is hovering around a little over a million while 5-year old Giant‘s is just below a million.

    We’re not sure if Amy’s comments stemmed from the nudity in the images, the styling or overall concept, but we definitely agree with Parlour and its assertion that sub-par imagery is not the norm for Black magazines. We’re fans of Giant here and can’t understand what magazine they’ve ever put out that would warrant a "Have they lost their mind?"

    Black people, speak your mind: What do you think about New York‘s urban magazine jab?

    — Whitney Teal

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