Cancelled sitcoms get second chance

    Some of your favorite cancelled sitcoms are getting new life on the ‘Net.

    According to The Loop, True Black Television streams sitcoms like “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Eve”, “Living Single” and “Martin” on the Web. 

    To viewers of the start-up online channel, it is seen as a TBS for Black folks’ shows. That’s right in line with what the channel had mind because they wanted to fill the void that TBS left open.

    "Seeing how TBS has specialized in sitcom reruns, they never had too many Black sitcom reruns, that is where we come in" one TBT exec told The Loop.

    TBT just launched last June, so the channel is still in its first year. Right now, its focus is to play syndicated shows aimed at a Black audience, but the network has aspirations of creating original programming.

    For example, The Loop reports, TBT is working on a deal to air a series about Cam’ron. TBT has also managed to produce a Web cartoon on its small budget.

    However, the big goal for now is getting True Black TV a presence on cable, and TBT is talking about a deal with Time Warner.  Until then, you can see what’s on here.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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