Hot Boys reunion in the works?

    Are the Hot Boys getting ready to heat up the block again?  Juvenile said they’re planning on it.
    After years of speculation, reports that Juvenile, Lil Wayne and B.G. are working out a deal for a reunion.

    “I already signed the deal; so for me, I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go. I already received the check,” Juvenile told Vibe last month. He’s currently working on his next solo album Cocky and Confident. “Wayne is going to put that out, so for me and Wayne, it’s a go,” he added.
    B.G. is ready get back with the guys again, too, and he said that fans can look forward to a reunion in the near future. “We finishing all the paper work now, and hopefully we will have that out this year, “ he said. “It’s going to be bigger than the Beatles!”
    Their producer, Mannie Fresh, also sounded interested in teaming up with the Hot Boys again when he spoke with Vibe in March.
    “My thing is: I’m bent on it being a classic. Like, what can I do to make this great? The Hot Boys got a sound [and] without that sound, what is it worth?” he said. “I ain’t saying that we gotta take our time because that ain’t never been us, but it’s gotta be right.”
    What about the last Hot Boy, though?  Juvenile said that he’s not sure where Turk stands on the business end of the deal. He’s still serving time in a Tennessee prison after her pleaded guilty to shooting a SWAT team member back in 2004.  Turk is up for parole later this year.
    However, that’s not the only thing standing in the way of the reformation.  All the members are now under separate management, and they’re on different labels.  This comes after a scheduled reunion show that would have closed out All-Star Weekend in New Orleans was cancelled because of a shooting that happened outside the venue before the rappers arrived.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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