La La Vasquez is such a lady

    La La Vasquez is keeping it real this year—well, reality TV anyway.

    First up for La La is VH1’s “Charm School Gives Back.”  While we’re used to seeing La La host reunion specials, this time, she’s going to be one of the deans. She’ll be working with Rock DJ Stryker and former talk show host Ricki Lake, who is the headmistress this time around. (Personally, we were hoping Mo’nique would come back.)
    This season marks the first time that VH1 has combined casts from two different shows for "Charm School." Girls from “Rock of Love Bus With Brett Michaels” and “Real Chance at Love” will be going head-to-head while acting on their best behavior.
    According to La La time in the house wasn’t always a tea party. When things got heated between contestants, there was no way the judges didn’t know about it. La La told us that they were in house “all day, every single day.”  That means the girls couldn’t be slick and try to cover up an argument.
    La La told us that, contrary to popular belief, many of the ladies really were at “Charm School” to make a change. Still, no matter how well behaved the women were, someone always had to go home after each challenge. Deciding who stayed and who left was not a decision that La La took lightly.
    “It was very difficult; some days more than other.  I found myself getting emotional at times—which I’ve never done on television—because I felt so connected to certain people.” La La said. “You’re rooting for certain people, and it’s kind of hard when the votes don’t match up,”
    The former MTV VJ couldn’t tell us who would be competing, but she gave us a helpful clue. “It’s not really hard to figure out,” La La dished. “It’s the [girls] who stood out the most as far as problems: the loudmouths, the cursing, the fighting.”   
    Speaking of fighting, La La and her production company, Krossover Productions, just released a documentary about Mike Tyson, simply titled Tyson. The film follows Mike from his meteoric rise to his disastrous fall from grace. 
    Tyson, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, is told through Mike’s own words. La La tells us that it gave the documentary a unique perspective because Mike tells the audience precisely what was going on with him and what was behind the good and bad decisions he made.
    “It was so powerful. I watched the reactions of people who didn’t know much about Mike and couldn’t care less about boxing. It wasn’t about that. It was the story of someone’s life,” she explained to S2S.  “When it premiered at Sundance people gave it a standing ovation for 10, 15 minutes,” she recalled. “We couldn’t believe it was one of the greatest feelings.” 
    This was the first major project for Krossover, which Carmello Anthony is also part owner of. If you missed Sundance, Tyson has been picked up by Sony Films. Don’t get your tickets yet because they’re working out a distribution deal.
    In the meantime, La La is executive producing a reality show with 51 Minds Entertainment called “The Sixth Man.” The show will be focused on finding the most talented undiscovered player.
    The idea for the show is based on the idea that the best ball players are not in NBA, but on the blacktop. (That’s something she overheard her fiancé, Carmello, say to one of his friends.) However, the show is about more than just finding guys who can shoot a good three-point shot.
     “We’ve already established that you can play at the NBA level. You can compete with these guys,“ she explained to us. “Now can you handle the stardom, the fame, everything that comes along with anyone who is in a powerful position?“
    The winner of the show will be signed to a league. The show is still in pre-production, so casting hasn’t started yet.



     — Sonya Eskridge




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