This ain’t ‘The Carter’

    Lil Wayne lost the legal fight to block release of a documentary called The Carter.

    The film was initially met with Wayne’s approval, as he allowed cameras to follow him while he traveled the U.S. and Amsterdam, reports In a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Wayne and his manager stated that the film’s producer, Quincy Jones III (yes, son of that Quincy Jones), agreed to let them authorize the final cut of the documentary, and later didn’t uphold that promise.

    The documentary reportedly includes inflammatory scenes of Lil’ Wayne using drugs, which his manager tried to remove from the film before its debut. The Carter premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival with the questionable scenes included.

    Judge Michael Mink did not accept the rapper’s request for an injunction, which allows the production company, QD3, to distribute the film.

    "We’re very pleased with the court’s decision," Quincy told Variety. "We made a great film, which was incredibly well received at Sundance, and showcases Lil’ Wayne’s extraordinary talent."

    Quincy is also responsible for other hip-hop themed documentaries including Thug Angel (about Tupac Shakur) and the Beef series.

    The Carter
    doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet.


    — Whitney Teal

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